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Maintaining your general health with breakfast

1 Oct
During your busy morning, it is so easy to let your breakfast fall out from the list of your priorities, but taking just few minutes for your breakfast can really change your day. Let’s find out how…

From the scientific point of view breakfast is the first meal of day taken within 2 hours               in early morning before undertaking your day’s work.  Breakfast taken in this period will help to reduce obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

So why is it necessary to have breakfast?

As it is said breakfast is a key start of the day. The basic formula is: pair carbs with proteins . The carbs give you energy to start the day and your brain the fuel  it needs during the day, while protein gives you power and helps you feel  full until the next meal.

Besides this, many studies have shown that eating breakfast can have a positive effect on your cognitive function improving memory and concentration level and it can also make your happier as it improves mood and lowers stress level.

Skipping breakfast can have a negative effect on your health. Scientifically improved that people avoiding breakfast are more likely to have a heart attack, higher risk of type-2 diabetes and heart diseases.  What’s more, you have higher chances of gaining weight because your hunger will increase later  and as consequence  you will end up eating whatever come across during the day. The higher your hunger level is, the more quantity of food you will eat. And this at times exceeds your daily calorie allowance.

“I just don’t feel hungry in the morning”

This is another common reason why people skip the breakfast. To improve your appetite in the morning, try to start small with a liquid or healthy smoothie, keep your dinner smaller and cut back on alcohol and snacks right before bed. Later as soon as you cultivate this healthy habit into your morning routine, you can add something more complicated like sandwiches or porridge. Especially people who exercise in in the morning should never skip breakfast:  wholesome foods in work drawer such as nuts or packet of instant oats would be an ideal decision.

A good example would be protein porridge with oats and peanut butter. This is a good carbs and protein rich meal would help replenish energy from morning workout and help your body recover with protein intake. With promo code Bomb15 you will have 15% discount for all the products in online store.

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