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Cardio and strength training getting along together

18 Sep
Once having decide to start serious workout, we come to the point when we set a question about strength and cardio training methods. Many people train in strictly one or other believing that one of the training methods can hinder the progress. But are they right by choosing such approach?

There is a fixed idea that if you want to lose weight – you should practice cardio and if you want to gain muscle - you should lift. That’s why some people who want to slim down avoid lifting because they are afraid it will make them too huge. On the other hand, weightlifters who are looking for bulk body tend to afraid that cardio will burn muscles. 

Initially the principle of differentiating your goals is right because upon this concept you will align your approach to the workouts. But for achieving better results you need to understand that cardio and strength training don’t cancel each other out.

If your primary goals to gain muscle, then you should lift three times per week with two moderate cardio sessions of about 20 to 30 minutes on your off days.

In turms of fighting off fat, both strength and cardio workouts are crucial. When you gain muscles, it raises your metabolic rate and as the consequence you burn fat faster. If you main goal to slim down, it is recommended to kick up cardio training – even if this means you need to skip some weights when you are short in time.

When you finally come to understanding that both systems can perfectly get along together, you next question can be how you should combine them.

Cardio just before weight training

Some people like to do their cardio right before the weight training. And it is reasonable if you have only one hour a day to maintain your overall body health. But if you expect to see big increases in your strength training, you will not be satisfied with the results. 25-30 minutes will not be enough to see gains in your cardio level and definitely will decrease your muscle stamina just right when you need it.

Cardio after weight training

This seems to be a great idea if you have tight schedule. It is better to do heavy lifting first while you have muscle strength for 40 minutes and then move to cardio for 20 minutes.

All in all, it is possible to get benefit from both training methods: healthy combination of strength and cardio training will allow your body to perform at its best. Accompanied with right nutrition you might be lucky to get good results.

To support your body you can consume protein shake just 30 minutes before workout. Eating after a workout and eating right is extremely important as well. The reason is simple: during workout your body uses a lot of energy and you need to refuel with proper nutrients like protein which helps to repair and build muscles. Bombbar assists in reaching your goals and has designed a rich product line where everyone can find something what he/ she likes whatever goal would be. And with special promo code Bomb15 Bombbar encourages you never give up and reach your goals!

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