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BOMBBAR is the manufacturer of sugar-free healthy products.

Our mission is to make you enjoy Bombbar product at any time getting maximum health benefit. 

Benefit for health:

  • helps to reduce weight
  • nourishes muscle mass
  • gives the satiety effect
  • improves general condition of the digestive system
  • promotes the growth of useful microflora
  • helps to maintain a normal blood sugar level


You often ask questions about production process, raw materials used and other related questions. We decided to reveal our secrets and demonstrate you some production process of creating Bombbar healthy bars. We care about our clients!

Cleanliness is our main priority

Production process starts with the dressing and shower rooms. Before entering the workshop all employees put on work uniform, special shoes, a special hat and disposable gloves. This ensures cleanliness in the room. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned at the end of each shift.

Quality of raw materials, purification and quality control of suppliers

Only high-quality raw materials of foreign manufacturers are used during production. In the photo you can see the Swiss protein of the highest quality. Two types of protein are used: whey and milk. Before coming to the conveyor line, each bag is opened and the raw material passes additional cleaning to ensure its cleanliness. Special curtains for industrial premises exclude ingress of dust and dirt in the production workshop.

All suppliers are registered and undergo necessary certification. In case of non-conformity of the products to the declared quality, we do not allow their raw materials to be used in our production and we stop cooperating with non-nona fide suppliers.

Production Line

It is a completely automated production line. However during process of packing and defects identifiction, workers sort out defected bars manually in order to eliminate the defect rate to its minimum. After packing process each showbox is weighed on accurate scales, so that everyone could receive the declared quantity of the product.

The rooms maintain the optimum temperature for the product storage. Futhermore we are building additional workshops for the production of our incredible novelties nowadays.


History and quality control

Yes,  there are two additional rooms in our facilities. The first one is for process engineer who thinks how to improve  Bombbar products per 24 hours. The second one is for storing the product which is delivered there from the very first day of production to monitor the storage process.

Where to buy and how to order

You can buy Bombbar products in sport shops and gyms of your city, for a whole list of cities please check "where to buy". If your city does not appear in the list, you can always place an order in our online store, where you will receive discounts, free courier delivery, as well as information on all the latest innovation in stock.

Courier delivery is carried out throughout Russia, even to the farthest corners; to Belarus; to Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Delivery time depends on the region, for example: delivery to Moscow takes 1-2 days, to St. Petersburg 3-4 days, to Novosibirsk from 4 to 7 business days. Very soon already in June we start deliviry to the following ex-USSR countries: Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kirghizia.

News and lotteries

As a manufacturer who wants to occupy a leading position in bags of active and healthy people, we constantly develop novelties and lotteries. Only for 2017 we gave away: two new iPhone 7, two new iPads, a trip to Crimea for a week and more than 1000 showboxes.

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